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December 2016

Why you should invest in a pool heater 150 150 Elite Gas

Why you should invest in a pool heater

Why you should invest in a pool heater

The cooler months are upon us in Florida but you can still enjoy a dip in the pool every now and then too. If your pool is one of the popular areas that your neighbors love to hang out, you need a pool heater to keep your pool warm for when that weather gets a little chilly during the day or night. So, now that you’ve decided that you want a heater in your pool, how do you get one? Who can you trust to install it properly and what are your heating options? Below, you will find some questions and tips for choosing the right pool heater for you.

Side or edge of swimming pool

Home Swimming Pool

What are my options?

Heating a pooling is more in-depth than you think because you have many options to choose from based on the type of pool that you have. An electric heater is actually a form of solar heating where it pulls the heat from the air when the sun is out. Gas outdoor heaters use natural or propane and burn fuel in a chamber while the pool water runs through copper coils to return warm water to your pool. Solar heaters are energy efficient and quite popular. These heaters use the suns energy to circulate water through an existing pool pump that is located on the roof or in the yard.

Swim at your own leisure

Pool heaters are a beneficial investment especially because you can stretch your pool season by twice as much, longer than most (geographical) areas. Since Florida generally doesn’t have to worry too much about cold weather, a heated pool will come in handy for those months that are pretty chilly.

How much heat do you need?

If you only want to heat up to 10 degrees in your pool, you can install any heater except gas. A gas heater will allow up to 40 degrees, like a hot tub. For cooler nights that can get as low as 50 degrees, even in a tropical setting, a gas outdoor heater for your pool will do justice.

What’s my cost?

These three heaters will vary in cost and will depend on how often you use your heater. Electric pumps can be less expensive than gas pumps, saving you $5 dollars each use. Gas outdoor heaters will also vary in price depending on how often you use the pool. You could cut your bill in half by using a solar blanket throughout the day, naturally heating the pool and ultimately using less gas to heat it completely. Lastly, solar heating would be least expensive because you are solely depending on the heat from the sun to raise the temperature in the pool. You will need to keep your water filtering through the pool to regulate the water so the only operating cost would come from using the solar heating panels.


Whether it’s just you or you and your family that enjoy your pool year round, it comes down to how often you sue your pool to determine which heater will benefit you.