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February 2018

Why propane fireplaces are a nice alternative? 150 150 Elite Gas

Why propane fireplaces are a nice alternative?

Propane fireplaces have been making a huge wave in the remodeling industry for quite some time now. Makers of the new heating device have given the wood fireplace industry bumps.

Even the owners can testify to the effectiveness of propane gas. The whole idea that classical fireplace environment is the best, has undergone change with the advent of these convenient ones. Are you too overwhelmed with the idea of a fireplace and the warmth it will add to your home? Let’s read more to know what it means to have a propane fireplace installed.

Propane fireplaces had been created to eliminate the trouble of severe smoke which cannot be done away with in case of vintage wood fireplaces. Propane fireplaces make use of propane to heat homes so there is no harmful element being scattered into the air. There are three models of propane fireplaces, natural vent, direct vent and vent-free, to make sure the ideal type is installed to your home in accordance to your space restrictions and budget. Opposed to wood burning fireplace, propane device can be turned on and off by just a switch and take less time to heat the home.

The greatest advantage of using these is that they are most reliable and don’t need regular maintenance in comparison to wood burning and typical gas fireplaces. Regular fireplace requires a chimney and a mantle to be installed and sometimes firebox and hearth as well. But the new propane fireplace does not require any of these. The most enjoyable feature of these is that they are portable and you can place them anywhere in your home. And in an instant you can enjoy the warmth you have always dreamt about indoors and even outdoors.

One of the many reasons why many people choose not to have a fireplace installed is because of the great expense associated with adding a chimney. The happy news is that the new ventless propane fireplaces do not require a vent or a chimney. That is why they are easy and more reasonably priced than the usual ones previously available. Propane fireplaces are free standing structures, they are not connected to vents or ductwork. With this kind of fireplace inserted in your home, you can have the fire and warmth devoid of any kind of hassle or expense. Some of the models are prefabricated while some can be built as per your specifications.