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April 2018

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Gas Grill Safety

For most of us nothing can beat the smell of food on the grill. Nothing gets us more excited than lip-smacking barbeque delights. Three out of every five households have a gas grill to grill delicious barbeque. But with gas grills, the risk of home fires also increases. Many house fires have been shown to start as a result of using a grill. Almost half of these injuries which involved grilling were due to thermal burns. It’s alarming to know that July, followed by May, June and August, are usually the peak months for such mishaps.

Despite the amazing advantages of having and using a gas grill, a higher number of home fires are caused by these compared to their old charcoal counterparts. A failure in cleaning the gas grill can be a leading factor in contributing to a fire. That is why it is advised not to keep anything that can catch fire easily too close to the grill.

As you might know, there are two types of gas grills, natural gas and propane. Often times, natural gas grills are kept on patios or decks while the propane ones can be placed just about anywhere. Whichever kind of gas grill you use, you should be sure that along with cooking a satisfying meal, you’re also concerned with your safety.

The structure of most of the natural gas grills is that they remain stationary. Natural gas based grills are attached to the gas line in your home. If you’re grill is properly attached, you will face no problems associated with leaks. You might be surprised to learn that most natural gas suppliers add a smell to the gas. On the off chance that there’s a leak, you’ll know immediately. Every time you use your natural gas grill you should always light it with the lid kept open. Spark igniters will light the burner, so insert a lighted match to be on the safer side. We advise you to never use an enclosed deck or patio in places like a garage doorway.

Portable propane gas grills have tanks attached to them. The size of the propane tank is determined by the size of your grill. The size won’t be an issue if you ensure the propane tank is firmly attached and has no leaks before you ignite the grill. Yet, having a leak detection solution is the best solution for optimal safety.

Always light the propane gas grill with the lid open. When propane stands are not attached to the grill, keep them standing upwards. Never smoke or allow someone else to smoke around a propane gas grill. Most importantly, never allow children to play with the grill or its parts. Whichever grill you use, always have the owner’s manual for your grill readily available. Following the instructions that come with it is essential. This is one the best ways to maintain safety while you use your gas grill.