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September 2018

7 Safety Tips During Hurricane Season 150 150 Elite Gas

7 Safety Tips During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us in Florida. And that means that we should be taking preparatory measures to ensure safety for our homes and our families should disaster strike. So, whether it’s a tropical storm with heavy winds or severe rain and electrical storms, it’s best to be safe than sorry. According to National Hurricane Center, over on hundred direct deaths were reported in Florida as a result of 2017 Irma. From bottling gallons of water to getting an efficient propane tank in Palm City, these simple steps will help you prepare for hurricane season.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait for signs of a hurricane slowing down, plan your evacuation route, food supplies, fill your gas tank while the storm is still at tropical storm status. Furthermore, you should contact your local propane supplier in Palm City to be sure that can have your tank ready and inspected before the storm hits. Batteries, flashlights, a mapped out evacuation route, protective clothing and important insurance/medical documents are all vital items that should be within your reach.

Be Alert

Always have your phone ready, television, and radio within reach so you’re constantly receiving updated information regarding the storms progression. While meteorologists rely on advanced technology to keep them updated, we need to be take our part in heeding their instruction.

Hurricane Home Prep

It isn’t a bad idea to invest in hurricane windows during the season. Because windows are the most vulnerable part of the house, hurricane windows are cost effective and are made to withstand heavy winds and rain.

Trim your Yard

According to an article by American Forests, Hurricane Ike knocked down 31,000 trees in 2008. This includes trees in yards or lots in residential areas. 100-mile-an-hour winds can uproot a tree and damage a house within seconds. A simple low-maintenance trimming to your tree limbs and bushes in your yard will reduce the risk of damage to yours and your neighbors’ home.

Emergency Generator

It’s no doubt that power outages will occur during hurricane-force winds. It’s important to invest in a reliable generator or have yours maintenance before disaster strikes. Contact a local expert company who will guide you along.

Fix Your Home

Broken windows and cracks in the roof are a recipe for disaster, even if a not-so-heavy storm sweeps by. It can easily make a tear that can lead to foundation problems, mold, and other costly expenses if a hurricane does hit. Seal those cracks and fix the windows before the wind and rain begin. Should it need replacing, now is the time to put in the storm windows.

Perhaps you’re ready to get a new propane tank. Or you need a propane tank rental in Palm City. Maybe you need an inspection on your current tank. Whatever the case, don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare. Call the tank experts at Elite Gas today. We will help you get ready for this seasons stormy forecast!