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Care and Service for Your Home Propane Tanks 1000 667 Elite Gas

Care and Service for Your Home Propane Tanks

Propane has a multitude of household uses well beyond the standard tank used to operate your outdoor grill. More than 40 million American households also use home propane tanks for drying clothes, heating their homes in winter, powering hot water tanks, cooking food indoors, and as a backup power source. If you’re one of these households, it’s important to know how to properly care for your home propane tank

Monitor your home propane tanks’ volume 

When you have a home propane tank, it’s important to monitor the tank for volume. Most home propane tanks have a clear indicator of how much gas remains inside. Outside temperature plays an important role in properly reading this indicator and you should only do so when the temperature is at or near 60 degrees for an accurate reading. Also know that reputable service companies that refill tanks, never fill them beyond 80 percent capacity to accommodate the expansion of the gas during warm weather.  

Maintain appliances that use propane

If propane is a significant source of energy in your home, several of your appliances could use it. Whichever ones do, be sure to keep them in good, working order. It’s best to have a propane service company come in at least once a year to inspect these appliances and the connectors that allow propane to fuel them.  

How to spot a leak in your home propane tanks

Home propane tanks are very durable and resistant to punctures. However, a propane leak is still a very real possibility and a situation that you should be well prepared for in advance. The telltale sign of leaking propane is the smell of rotten eggs- which is the mercaptan that is added to the gas so that the human nose can spot a leak. If you smell this anywhere inside of your home or near your tank, call in the pros for an emergency visit.  

Know who to call for repairs and service

If you’re a propane user at home, it’s best to have a trusted propane service company on speed dial should you need them in the future. Pick a company that has earned a solid reputation in the community and that receives good reviews. Meet with them at a time when you don’t need their services and consider buying an annual maintenance plan to ensure that your propane tank and appliances continue functioning as they should.

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