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April 2020

Propane for Home and Outdoor Kitchens 1000 667 Elite Gas

Propane for Home and Outdoor Kitchens

Propane is one of the most affordable fuels on the open market today. It’s been used in commercial kitchens for years to keep ovens baking and cooktops burning hot. These days, you’ll often find at least one part of an outdoor kitchen fueled by propane—your BBQ grill. It’s possible to fuel your entire outdoor kitchen with the same fuel source. Here are just a few benefits of a propane tank for home, outside kitchens, and why you should install a propane-fueled one today. 

Great entertaining space  

An expansive outdoor kitchen fueled by a propane tank for home is a wonderful entertaining space. You’ll enjoy having friends and family over to spend time outside together where you can enjoy a good meal. Most cooking appliances can be fueled by propane, so it’s possible to power everything, even a small refrigerator, with the same fuel.  

Save on utility bills with propane tank for home

As mentioned, propane is one of the most affordable fuels available for home use. It compares in cost to natural gas, is as plentiful, and is an efficient fuel source. You’ll save big on your electric bill if you transition as many appliances as possible, including your outdoor kitchen, to propane fuel.  

Expand your living area

One giant advantage of an outdoor kitchen in Florida is the ability to expand your living space. On nice days with beautiful weather and mild temperatures, you could completely open your living room to your outdoor kitchen. Dinner parties and get-togethers will be much more enjoyable when your guests are crammed on top of one another.  

Propane tank for home helps keep the smells outside

One of the most appealing aspects of moving a lion’s share of cooking outside to your propane tank for home fueled outdoor kitchen, is to keep cooking smells outside. Not everyone loves the smell of lingering onions, French fries, or a pan of freshly-cooked bacon. Consider how nice it might be to cook these kinds of food outside instead.