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Propane for Home and Outdoor Kitchens 1000 667 Elite Gas

Propane for Home and Outdoor Kitchens

Propane is one of the most affordable fuels on the open market today. It’s been used in commercial kitchens for years to keep ovens baking and cooktops burning hot. These days, you’ll often find at least one part of an outdoor kitchen fueled by propane—your BBQ grill. It’s possible to fuel your entire outdoor kitchen with the same fuel source. Here are just a few benefits of a propane tank for home, outside kitchens, and why you should install a propane-fueled one today. 

Great entertaining space  

An expansive outdoor kitchen fueled by a propane tank for home is a wonderful entertaining space. You’ll enjoy having friends and family over to spend time outside together where you can enjoy a good meal. Most cooking appliances can be fueled by propane, so it’s possible to power everything, even a small refrigerator, with the same fuel.  

Save on utility bills with propane tank for home

As mentioned, propane is one of the most affordable fuels available for home use. It compares in cost to natural gas, is as plentiful, and is an efficient fuel source. You’ll save big on your electric bill if you transition as many appliances as possible, including your outdoor kitchen, to propane fuel.  

Expand your living area

One giant advantage of an outdoor kitchen in Florida is the ability to expand your living space. On nice days with beautiful weather and mild temperatures, you could completely open your living room to your outdoor kitchen. Dinner parties and get-togethers will be much more enjoyable when your guests are crammed on top of one another.  

Propane tank for home helps keep the smells outside

One of the most appealing aspects of moving a lion’s share of cooking outside to your propane tank for home fueled outdoor kitchen, is to keep cooking smells outside. Not everyone loves the smell of lingering onions, French fries, or a pan of freshly-cooked bacon. Consider how nice it might be to cook these kinds of food outside instead.

Home Propane Delivery Perks 1000 617 Elite Gas
Home Propane Delivery

Home Propane Delivery Perks

American households have been using propane as a fuel source for more than 100 years. In fact, today, more than 50 million homes use the fuel in some way and more than 7 million use it for home heating. It’s a clean-burning fuel, cost-efficient, and readily available making it a solid choice for homeowners. An added perk is having home propane delivery to boot.  

Home propane delivery saves time 

If you depend on propane for heating, cooking, heating water, washing clothes, and more, then you’ll know how critical it is to maintain a robust supply of the fuel in your storage tank. Scheduling home propane delivery once or twice per year, depending on your level of use, will ensure that. Having this delivery on someone else’s to-do list will save you time, money, and worry that your tank will run dry.  

Let someone else handle the tank

When you have propane as a fuel source, you have to store it on your property in a tank that can be located below or above ground. It’s smart to check the tank periodically for any signs of wear or leaks, and to check the fuel level it’s holding. Having a trained professional come in a couple of times each year will give you peace of mind that the tank, and your family, are in good hands.  

Set it and forget it

Once you have your propane tank installed on your property, you don’t want to worry about it. You want to be able to take full advantage of this efficient fuel source. To truly set it and forget it requires the aid of an experienced company that will come out for scheduled visits and inspections. With a maintenance contract such as this, you’ll really be able to set it and forget it.  

Peace of mind

You probably don’t ever experience your hot water going cold in the middle of a shower, or half done expensive ribeye steaks on the grill. You probably also don’t want to experience a chilly winter night with no heat, or swim in an unheated pool after a brisk January. All of these scenarios can be avoided with the help of a trusted home propane delivery and service company. Find one near you today.

Propane Appliances and Everything You Should Know 1000 667 Elite Gas
propane appliance

Propane Appliances and Everything You Should Know

There is so much good about propane that utilizing in your home to operate appliances is really a no brainer. These days, propane can fuel your cooking appliances, your heating appliances, your hot water heater, and even heat your pool. It burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel known to man, is cost-effective, and easily and safely stored for home use. Here’s everything you should know if you’re considering incorporating propane appliances in your home.

Propane appliances in your home

You can easily incorporate propane as a fuel source for new construction projects, or retrofit your existing home to utilize propane. It can be stored onsight in an above ground or below ground tank that you monitor for volume. Many different appliances in your home can run on propane including your oven and stove, outdoor grill, hot water heater, fireplace, furnace, washing machine and dryer, and even whole house generators that can power your home if the electricity goes out. 

Propane appliance expiration dates

Propane tanks are only qualified by experts for a certain range of time and do have expiration dates when it’s recommended you should replace them. Depending on where you live, that period could be from 10-12 years. If you have old tanks laying around your house, or if you’ve recently purchased a new to you home, be sure to check the expiration dates to ensure that you’re not using old, out-of-date tanks.

Experts for propane services

If you’re considering converting to propane, it’s best to find a propane expert in your area that can answer your questions and help guide you through the process. Head online to search for experts near you and check out the reviews and recommendations left by previous customers. You’ll want to pick someone with expertise in the field, plenty of years of experience, and a solid track record.

The benefits of using propane

Propane use in the US continues to rise and there are many benefits to its use. The fuel burns cleaner and is more environmentally friendly than other fuel alternatives. Commodity prices on propane are generally affordable and stable making it a budget-friendly fuel source.

Care and Service for Your Home Propane Tanks 1000 667 Elite Gas

Care and Service for Your Home Propane Tanks

Propane has a multitude of household uses well beyond the standard tank used to operate your outdoor grill. More than 40 million American households also use home propane tanks for drying clothes, heating their homes in winter, powering hot water tanks, cooking food indoors, and as a backup power source. If you’re one of these households, it’s important to know how to properly care for your home propane tank

Monitor your home propane tanks’ volume 

When you have a home propane tank, it’s important to monitor the tank for volume. Most home propane tanks have a clear indicator of how much gas remains inside. Outside temperature plays an important role in properly reading this indicator and you should only do so when the temperature is at or near 60 degrees for an accurate reading. Also know that reputable service companies that refill tanks, never fill them beyond 80 percent capacity to accommodate the expansion of the gas during warm weather.  

Maintain appliances that use propane

If propane is a significant source of energy in your home, several of your appliances could use it. Whichever ones do, be sure to keep them in good, working order. It’s best to have a propane service company come in at least once a year to inspect these appliances and the connectors that allow propane to fuel them.  

How to spot a leak in your home propane tanks

Home propane tanks are very durable and resistant to punctures. However, a propane leak is still a very real possibility and a situation that you should be well prepared for in advance. The telltale sign of leaking propane is the smell of rotten eggs- which is the mercaptan that is added to the gas so that the human nose can spot a leak. If you smell this anywhere inside of your home or near your tank, call in the pros for an emergency visit.  

Know who to call for repairs and service

If you’re a propane user at home, it’s best to have a trusted propane service company on speed dial should you need them in the future. Pick a company that has earned a solid reputation in the community and that receives good reviews. Meet with them at a time when you don’t need their services and consider buying an annual maintenance plan to ensure that your propane tank and appliances continue functioning as they should.

Why a propane grill makes the best gift this holiday season 1000 667 Elite Gas

Why a propane grill makes the best gift this holiday season

As the holiday season approaches and you begin to ponder your gift list this year, think about those individuals who are foodies, self-proclaimed chefs, or exclusive meat-eaters. We are guessing they have been good and deserve to be spoiled… So for those couple of people on your list this year, contact your local propane provider to find out more about the grills on the market this holiday season. 

They won’t expect it 

A propane grill is a gift that they definitely won’t expect. You can talk to your local propane provider about the best type of grill and the most convenient size. There is no doubt that wrapping this gift will be challenging, and you might just opt for the giant red bow, but regardless of which you choose, you’ll see the recipient’s eye’s light up when you wheel it into the room.  

For the hard to buy for person on your list

For the guy or gal that loves to spend time outside and grill, you couldn’t find a more perfect gift. Consider this especially for anyone on your list who falls within the hard-to-buy-for category. Once you pick the grill (with the help of a trusted provider), you can check that person off the list and look forward to the delight when they see what you’ve gotten them.  

The gift that keeps on giving

A propane grill is really the best gift that you can give to people who love to cook. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for years and years after the excitement of the holidays has come and gone. They will think of you fondly each time they grill burgers and hot dogs this summer or serve up a sizzling, freshly grilled steak for a Saturday night treat.  

A gift that’s sure to please

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many other gifts that will elicit the same reaction as gifting a propane grill. If the grill is still in the box, and you decide wrapping the box is possible, imagine the look on their face when they see the size of their gift. And once they open it, they will no doubt be all smiles and very grateful for such an amazing holiday surprise.

Easiest Propane Installation Tips in Palm City 1024 683 Elite Gas

Easiest Propane Installation Tips in Palm City

Propane comes close to being a perfect fuel for home use. It’s clean, burns efficiently are cost-effective, and is in abundant supply in the US. If you’re a homeowner that’s decided to utilize propane for at least some of the energy needs in your home, here are a few tips for propane installation in Palm City. 

Decide on an appropriate tank size 

Home use of propane requires a storage tank on your property. These tanks can be installed above ground or below grade. There are advantages and disadvantages to each scenario but both require regular monitoring and refilling when the supply has been used up. So if you’re considering making this fuel source part of your everyday life, consider calling a knowledgeable propane installation company in the Palm City area for advice on tank size and placement.  

Choose a location

Above ground propane storage tanks is a common scenario for homes and businesses that use this fuel source. These tanks tend to be larger, oblong holding units that sit elevated from the ground. Their placement can be challenging for both aesthetics and access, and underground storage tanks are a more appealing option if you don’t want a large tank taking us valuable real estate on your property.  

Get estimates

If you’re sold on propane and are ready to have a tank and lines installed on your property, your best bet is to contact an experienced gas contractor to help you through the process. You can get estimates for a tank and line installation from a few reputable providers to be sure you’re getting a fair deal for the service. It’s best to choose a provider that works with all makes and models of propane tanks, lines and appliances.  

Schedule an installation

Once the estimates are in and you’ve compared the costs, choose a propane partner and schedule a tank installation. The process differs a bit depending on if you choose above ground or below ground storage. But, once the tank is in, the process to fill it up, and refill it in the future will be the same.  

We want our customers to feel special and unique because they are! As a result, Elite Gas Contractors works tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied, always! We provide a range of customized gas products, appliances, and gas delivery programs so each customer can fulfill their individual gas needs. To get a Free Estimate, give us a call at (772) 220-9678!

Propane 101: Above Ground vs Underground Propane Tanks 1000 750 Elite Gas

Propane 101: Above Ground vs Underground Propane Tanks

If you’re in the market for a cleaner, more fuel-efficient way to heat your home or cook, you might consider installing an underground propane tank to fuel many possible propane-powered appliances in your home. Appliances that can utilize propane as a fuel source include stoves and ovens, washing machines and dryers, hot water heaters, outdoor kitchen appliances, and even whole-house furnaces. Some propane tanks are above ground and others below, and here is some information to help you decide which is best for your property. 

1. Advantages of the above-ground propane tank

Above ground storage tanks are pretty common for a home that utilizes this fuel source. There are a few advantages of this scenario over the underground propane tank option. The most important advantage is access making it easier to check the tank levels and to refill when necessary.  

2. Disadvantages of the above-ground tank

Above ground, tanks can be a pretty big eyesore on your property. There isn’t much you can do to change their appearance or dress them up in any way. They can also get in the way of yard maintenance and utilizing the full extent of your property.  

3. Advantages of the underground tank

An underground storage tank frees up the entirety of your property so that you can use every square inch. You will have to keep in mind, however, that you can’t put anything on top of an underground tank and you must leave it accessible. Putting the tank underground completely hides it from view which is a major advantage in terms of curb appeal and the aesthetics of your home.  

4. Disadvantages of the underground tank

There are very few disadvantages to having an underground tank and the ones that do exist are very minor. One notable disadvantage is the cost because underground tanks can cost just a little bit more than the above-ground varieties. Other than that, installation is easy, and underground tanks are out of sight out of mind while providing your home with a clean and energy-efficient fuel source. 

5. Finding a propane tank company

If you’re convinced that an underground storage tank is the right choice for you, the first step will be to identify a trusted and experienced installation and service company that can help you get the project started. Be sure to find one that has amassed plenty of years in the industry and who has solid reviews online. Several installation companies will also take care of monitoring the tank and refilling it when necessary. 

6 Must-have Appliances for Your Home That Use Propane 1024 683 Elite Gas

6 Must-have Appliances for Your Home That Use Propane

If you’re looking for ways to reduce energy costs and tread lighter on the environment in the process, perhaps it’s time to consider switching to propane appliances in your home. Propane is a liquid gas that is considered one of the most cost-effective byproducts of natural gas and petroleum on the market. Its supply is domestic which protects it from drastic price fluctuations and supply shortages. Here are six, must-have propane appliances for your home that can also be used with propane home delivery services

1. Clothes dryers 

Clothes dryers are traditionally powered by electricity or natural gas. They also are made to be powered by propane which produces more energy per unit than other fuels and which is more cost-effective than other energy sources. A new propane dryer might be slightly more expensive than its electric or gas counterparts, but consumers make up for the cost difference in energy savings very quickly. 

2. Fireplace

Homes with fireplaces typically use one of three fuel sources – wood, gas or electricity. Propane-powered fireplaces are also an option and becoming more common. Propane is a cost-effective fuel source, provides a hotter heat for warming your home and you can count on a propane home delivery service to keep your home fires burning.  

3. Hot water heater

Your hot water heater has a big job to perform in your house. Every sinkful of dirty dishes, every morning shower and many loads of dirty laundry depend on your hot water heater to perform on demand. Most common hot water heaters are powered by electricity or natural gas, but propane versions are arriving on the market and proving to be an economical option for consumers. 

4. Cooktops

Commercial kitchens have long relied on propane as a fuel source to keep diners well fed. Outdoor kitchens and traditional barbecue pits also typically use propane for cooking. Indoor ranges and stoves, powered by propane, are also becoming an attractive option for cost-conscious buyers. 

5. Furnace

Your house furnace has an important job each winter – keeping your family cozy and warm when the mercury plummets. Furnaces are typically powered by heating oil, natural gas, electricity or wood. Propane furnaces are also available and can provide a cost-effective means of heating your home each winter. 

6. Refrigerator

Propane is a very efficient fuel for heating things up, but it’s also pretty remarkable at cooling things down. Propane refrigerators and freezers have been used in commercial kitchens and on recreational vehicles for many years. They’re beginning to find themselves in homes across the country as homeowners search for ways to reduce financial pressure on the household budget and employ appliances that are less harmful to the environment. 

We want our customers to feel special and unique because they are! As a result, Elite Gas Contractors works tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied, always! We provide a range of customized gas products, appliances, and gas delivery programs so each customer can fulfill their individual gas needs. To get a Free Estimate, give us a call at (772) 220-9678!

5 Spectacular Grilling Recipes For Your Propane Grill This July 1024 683 Elite Gas
propane tank for home

5 Spectacular Grilling Recipes For Your Propane Grill This July

The most exciting month of the year is here: July! For many, July means fireworks, family and, most importantly, barbecues. This begs the question, what do I cook?  Well prepare to fire up your propane grill, because we’ve got the perfect recipes for you. 

1.) Steak Kabobs with Garlic Butter

This recipe is an easy and hearty meal option using sirloin beef skewers, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. This recipe is perfect for a snack or appetizer in the afternoon.


  • Cut 1 lb of beef sirloin, 1 cup of mushrooms, 1 green bell pepper, and 1 onion into one-inch pieces.
  • Heat grill propane to medium heat high.
  • Thread beef sirloin, mushrooms, peppers, and onion onto skewers.
  • Brush the meat and vegetables with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper.
  • Place the kabobs on the grill and cook for approximately 5 minutes per side.
  • Melt the butter over the kabobs, add the minced garlic and cook for 1 min.
  • Sprinkle the parsley and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Serve.

2.) Bacon Ranch Grilled Potatoes

Warning: it’s totally normal and okay to drool while reading this recipe. Everyone loves potatoes, and grilling them with bacon and ranch on your propane grill is just the cherry on top. 


  • Preheat the grill to 350 degrees.
  • Scrub and slice the potatoes.
  • Prepare foil. Cut off a piece large enough to fold over potatoes on all sides, and spray non-stick cooking spray on the foil.
  • Mix sliced potatoes with ranch dressing and layer them in a foil. Top with sliced bacon, shredded cheese, salt, pepper, and parsley.
  • Grill approximately for 15 min with medium heat on. Flip it over, and grill for another 15-20 min or until the potatoes are fork tender.
  • Serve.

3.) Lime Shrimp Foil Packs

Sometimes dark meats can be a bit too heavy for some people. Please all of your party goers by grilling up some fresh seafood! 


  • In a large bowl, combine 1lbs of peeled and deveined shrimp, 3 ears of quartered corn, 1 zucchini that’s cut in half moons, 2 cloves of minced garlic, 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes and 2 tablespoons of freshly chopped cilantro. Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and mix until they are combined.
  • Lay out four pieces of foil. Divide the shrimp mixture into the foils and top each one with a pat of butter and lime slices. Seal packs.
  • Heat the grill to high heat. Place packs on grill and leave until the shrimp is pink. Wait for approximately 10 minutes and then take off.
  • Serve.

4.) Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burgers

Independence Day wouldn’t be a true American holiday without burgers! Serve this staple with a twist this year. 


  • Take about 6 oz of ground beef and flatten it in your hand.
  • Take a bit of cheddar cheese put it on the flattened meat.
  • Add 1 slice of crumbled cheese on top of the cheddar cheese.
  • Cut bacon slices in half and cross them over each other on the cheese. 
  • Use fingers to bring the edges of the beef patty up around the cheese and bacon.
  • Use your fingers to seal the top and make it into a nice burger patty.
  • Repeat for as many patties as you desire
  • Pour BBQ sauce all over the uncooked patties.
  • Grill patties over medium-high heat until cooked through 
  • Place on burger buns and add some tomatoes, lettuce, and onions if you like.
  • Serve.

5.) Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chops

Another American staple, mustard, is also a great option to incorporate into your grilling recipes this year! But why not change it up from the typical hot dogs and hamburgers and add it to pork chops? 


  • Marinate the pork chops in a mixture of ¼ cup honey, 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons of grainy mustard, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 2 cloves chopped garlic, salt, and pepper for 30 minutes to overnight.
  • Place pork chops on the grill and cook over medium-high heat until the pork chops are lightly golden brown, approximately 3-5 min per side.
  • Serve.

Be prepared for Independence Day this year and ensure that your grille is stocked with enough propane. In the case that you need a propane tank for home, we deliver! Elite Gas is proud to be the best provider of propane grills and propane tanks on the entire treasure coast! Contact us for a free estimate at 772-220-9678.

Safest Ways to Use Your Propane Grill This Summer 1024 768 Elite Gas
residential propane service palm city

Safest Ways to Use Your Propane Grill This Summer

The return of the summer sun also brings the return of backyard barbecues. Outdoor propane grills are among the most common grills found in residential homes, but can be a safety hazard if the proper precautions are not taken. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), over 10,000 homes experience fires originating from outdoor grills; these fires result in over $120 million worth of damages annually. To ensure you and your loved ones have a fun and safe summer, you’ll want to make sure you are using your residential propane grill in the safest was possible.

Grill away from the house

The number one rule of grilling is to make sure your grill is isolated from any flammable objects – this includes your home. Proper ventilation is important for not only the grill but also the propane tanks used to fuel the grill. The best place to put your outdoor grill is on a concrete or stone platform that is a safe distance away from any trees, tall grass, infrastructure and all heat sources.


When using a propane grill you will want to keep either a spray bottle of water or fire extinguisher nearby to put out any unexpected fires before the flames cause any damage. When you purchase a fire extinguisher make sure you familiarize yourself with how to use it as well as store is a safe distance from the grill.

Inspect your grill

Before turning on your propane grill make sure both your propane tank and equipment have been inspected. It’s not uncommon for propane-powered equipment to undergo some type of damage after sitting unused for the winter months. Using a grill with decayed wiring or other hidden problems can result in a devastating fire. Unless you have been properly trained you should reach out to your local residential propane service in Palm City to ensure these issues are correctly identified and fixed.

Don’t walk away

Many times grill fires happen because no one was paying attention. Just like you would not run errands while your kitchen stove is on, you should not step away from your grill while using it. Leaving your grill unattended increases the risk of a residential fire, which is not only dangerous but also comes with extremely expensive repairs.

A clean grill is a safe grill

Roughly one quarter of all reported grill fires are due to dirty and improperly maintained grills. A proper cleaning and maintenance regimen are imperative to eradicate any grease or fat build-up left on the grill. Excess grease acts as a fuel enhancer and is a main source for fire flare-ups when using your propane grill.  

Open grill, then turn on gas

No grill-master wants to open their grill to a fireball that singes off their eyebrows, but turning your grill on while the lid is still shut is one way to guarantee this happens. If you turn your grill on before opening the lid, the gas builds up in the enclosed area so when you light your grill you are essentially lighting a ball of gas that is trapped under the lid of your grill.
Grilling out is a great summer activity; just make sure you are using your grill safely to keep this summer activity fun and safe. If you are in need of a residential propane service in Palm City, check out Elite Gas Co.